We Love Fashion.

We Love Fashion.

The Company

Modevertrieb Sarnacchiaro GmbH is a German-based fashion distribution company that sets its priorities in marketing of branded products - amongst others whose license is part of our portfolio.

fashion distribution company in germany

With over 40 years of experience we are committed to excellence in the fashion industry. Due to our dedicated and entrepreneurial attitude to business, we developed strong relationships to market leading retailers and distributors throughout Europe. We have an established customer base in the global markets of Europe. Our success is founded on the generation of enduring relationships within the industry while maintaining a high product quality and solid partnerships with our clients.

Through years of experience with international trading companies and the detailed knowledge of the distribution channels, we have the opportunity to deal with stocklots and overproductions.


Through the fully automated principle of Electronic Data Interchange ?EDI? we have the opportunity for a quickly and efficiently business data exchange and process. This constitutes a significant convenience for both parties to the procurement of goods in a cost effective handling.